The power that someone gains by performing yoga is known as KUNDALINI power. By gaining this power you can understand the way of life and this person will not use it in bad deeds.  This is not a method of increasing your physical appearance or your financial status, but is an ideology in which you come to know of your mindset.

The breathing technique

The breathing technique is the most important part of this prominent principle. According to a person’s breathing technique, we can analyze their mental capacity. Hermit who has attained the highest level of mental capacity has the capability of assessing the mentality of the person who comes in front of him. Therefore, according to the theories behind yoga, people who take short breaths will lead a short life and vice versa. By reducing the speed of breathing you can control your anger, fear therefore you can lead a log life. Yoga allows people of all ages to take part in it.

The best method to perform yoga routines

The best method to perform yoga routines are in a calm, quiet and tranquil environment during dawn. Similarly, you should have a very light meal and be comfortably dressed.

There are three important facts in life, according to yoga ideologies.

  1. Exercise
  2. Rest and Sleep
  3. Balanced diet

The food is categorized in three as follows

  1. Fruits and vegetables that grow on earth with sufficient sunlight.
  2. Yams that grow under the earth’s surface.
  3. Animal products.

The first mentioned food category is the most vital to a hermit. But the second category, even though mentioned is not very critical. Hermits do not accept animal products as their beliefs consist of not slaughtering other beings for their survival.

Yoga ideology

Yoga ideology shows that man is especially important to the society and to man, his body and mindsets are vital above all proving that the foundation of yoga is the maintenance of the human body. To carry on with yoga effectively, you need to have experience from previous births. Furthermore, performing yoga exercises on a mundane schedule can cure every sickness. However, mental disorders occurred by birth can’t be cured. By performing these workouts, you cannot only improve yourself esteem, endurance, personality, mental and physical strength. It can also help you as an anti-ageing treatment to achieve your life’s goal.

History of Yoga

Yoga is a philosophy whose history dates back for an innumerable number of centuries and you cannot get a definite idea of what this great ideology means. By practicing these prominent beliefs and its exercise, you cannot only comprehend the truth within but also make perfect just like in a religion. It should be mentioned that, most facts that modern medical sciences have not discovered, hermits have found out almost 8000 years ago through yoga.

Benefits of Yoga

True Meaning of your Precious Life

Just to satisfy your five sense organs

Most Precious Thing in your life