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DOOWA YOGA is a retreat center in Kandy, Sri Lanka, which provides resources and facilities to learn and practice the yoga of the great Eastern traditions.

We conduct authentic Hatha Yoga Classes on all seven days and we are starting yoga classes at 7:30 AM.. You will find more information below..

Courses – 1.5 Hours

Drop-In Class – This Drop-In Classes are most suitable for beginners and people who are trying to relax their selves by practicing Yoga poses, breathing exercises and meditation. Usually we conduct 1.5 hours class, but we can increase the time on your request.

7 Days Retreat , 14 Days Retreat – 3 Hours Per Day

These two Yoga retreats are suitable for people who are suffering from Depression and Anxiety. Not only that but also these retreats are suitable for people who are trying to relax their selves by practicing Yoga. Usually we conduct 1.5 hours retreats, but we can increase the time on your request. Beginners and Intermediate level Yogis can Join these retreats..

100 hours teacher training – 28 Days /4 Hours Per Day

This course is most suitable for people who are willing to be Yoga teachers. Usually we conduct one 2 hours class at early in the morning and another 2 hours class at the evening. So, it’s 4 hours per day.. In this course we teach most advance Yoga poses, some advance breathing techniques and meditation techniques. This course takes 28 days to complete. We are a government registered education institute. So, finally we offer internationally recognized certificate and recommendation letter and your achievement will be added to our website.

**Note – We do not conduct group classes and we only conduct individual classes.


**Note – Prices are listed here on a per-person basis

Drop-In Class – $15
7 Days Retreat – $140
14 Days Retreat – $340
100 Hours Teacher Training – $700


Doowa Yoga Retreat center is located near Kandy town. So, you have easy access to the Kandy town. As, it is located next to Udawatte kale sanctuary, it is a quite place..


As we have Yoga classes on all seven days we do not have time to manage accommodation facilities. So, we do not provide accommodation. But, there are lots of guest houses, Hotels, Home stays near our Yoga retreat center. You can find accommodation for a reasonable price… We can recommend some good places on your request too.

Yoga master

Master Noyel is a 46 years old Brahmachari (Unmarried) person and he has learnt Yoga originally from Rishikesh at his age of 24. He has learnt Yoga with Himalayan Yogis for almost 3 years and He has been practicing Yoga for almost 22 Years.


At the moment we do not have credit / debit card processing system. So, In Order to reserve the place, You need to transfer the total cost via Western Union money Transfer, Bank Transfer or via any other Foreign Remittance service.

Cancellation and Refund

You can cancel your reservation at any time and we will refund your money back to your bank account. For Cancellation and Refund we charge 15% of your total cost.