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Our goal Is to take you to enjoy nature and natural beauty apart from monotonous and restless life and to give mental happiness from you to you.At dawn or dusk yoga. Diet consists of fresh vegetables and fruit (No meat or fish) Facilities for meditations(If needed) Training for self defiance. I Think Yoga is very deep Philosophy An it is very Difficult to give a definition. By Practicing only you can gain real happiness of this useful system of philosophy. if you practice this system of philosophy at a proper time regularly the results will be as follows.

Recover from many diseases. Mental happiness A body of perfect health strength and shape.Flexibility or pliancy of the body.

Caring diseases

Yoga is not like other Exercises it greatly influence the internal organs functions mall specially when you do yoga controlling breathing your heart lungs and teaches will be healthy. most diseases are den to defects of digestive system when you do yoga all the organs relating to digestion will be pressed mall and there are no diseases that cannot be coned by yoga.

Mental Happiness

When we practice yoga properly (carefully, slowly, with good mental stability without any excitement)it enables us to develop ******emotionally, intellectually and spiritually Then there will be mental happiness.

Shape of the Body

With The Advancement of Science and Technology men has invented tools and so people do not need to work heard. No heard work mans no exercises to the body. Dme to lack of exercise we can see fat people with protruding pot bellies such people find it difficult to bend their bodies and work properly .when we do exercise various waste products are eliminated with smear through the skin. then you will be healthy and the body will be shaped attractively today you have various sort of exercise .Among then yoga give you immediate and long lasting results.

Pliancy or plausibility of Body

lot of people spend a monotonous life. Some spend the day stating in an office. Some in vehicle and some others in air conditioned rooms. As a Result of this they cannot breathe in even fresh air. They can’t Control their bodies and the mind is also not flexible the society with such people is filled with problems. If you follow yoga you will be flexible physically and mentally. Not achy that you will be a social and useful reason in the society.


Yoga can strengthen your joints muscle and internal organs .other exercise are tiresome. yoga is not so but the achievement is greater after yoga. you will be light physically and mentally strong.